Wayne and me (and other people): a one book trilogy

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Here's the result of this year-long project
of mine and Wayne's in a free .pdf you can
read anytime! Full of literary goodness and
much more like you've seen before from us.

This is a re-release of the first two booklets
released earlier in 2022, with the addition of
a third one, and an all special guest section
that features a bunch of cool people you
probably don't know, but definitely should.

An assortment of short stories, poetry and
such, and visual art too, as a collection I'm
proud to say has something for everyone.
So you should definitely give it a shot!

You can read it online (and download) on archive.org
Or click here for a direct download of the .pdf

Here's a list of everybody and their stuff:

Bonny, the Dinosaur Pirate
Wayne, the Computer-Man
Mouna and Paula
Alfred Morose
Raziel, the Rain Man
Ignóbil Capivara